Blank cards, ID cards, loyalty cards, hotel key cards, gift cards, RFID cards, credit cards and any type of card, we have them all and more!
Tell us what you need and we'll deliver.


Based out of Miami, FL, ID Mavens specializes in developing plastic card designs tailored to meet any organization’s security and functionality needs while providing cost-efficient high quality products and services.


Our card credentials scope ranges from basic non-technology ID plastic card to leading-edge smart card technology, and offer from entry to advanced security elements to deter against ID card forgery. We deliver outstanding quality in our plastic cards which are made in America and comply with all ISO and ANSI card specifications.


We offer a wide variety of services such as graphic design, card customization, card manufacturing, custom packaging, branding, and warehousing. Our solutions appeal to users from diverse sectors including – but not limited to – hospitality, banking, education, health care, government, sports, transportation, travel and entertainment.





Design a multi-function card for access control and management solutions. Our product selection includes credit cards, business cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, discount cards, fundraising cards, membership ID's and badges, key tags, and hanging cards combined with high security holograms, barcodes, magnetic stripes, contact or contactless (RFID) technology.

Here are three advantages of using pre-printed cards:

  • Saves time and money.

  • Offers premium print quality.

  • Allows printing variable data or photos on demand with an ID Card Printer.

Weather you are using your own design, or would like to work with our professional team, contact us to get started on your personalized card!


Plastic cards uses can be found in just any industry, here we picked a few:

Banking and Financial

Keep up with the dynamic world of finance. Provide secure access to your buildings; offer instant provisional card printing for your clients in your branch.




Fullfillment is a cost-effective service for packing cards and mailing them to one or many addresses. We offer automated and personal touch services where we can coordinate a complete delivery program to end-user mailing for small to very large projects.

Our services include:

  • Personalize cards with embossing or flat graphics.

  • Verify encoded and printed data.

  • Print and personalize card holders or letters to customer's specifications.

  • Affix and match personalized cards to personalized card holders or letters.

  • Print window or regular envelopes to customer's specifications. Envelopes are available in a wide assortment of styles and sizes.

  • Address and verify envelopes.

  • Assemble personalized kits.

  • Insert items into envelopes.

  • Seal, sort, and mail the complete package.

Contact us for more information and pricing.