Industry standard size premium PVC cards (3.375" x 2.125") with an overlaminated layer for a better printing quality. Ideal for printing in most direct-to-card printers. Commonly used for PVC ID Card or ID Badge printing.  Compatible with card printers from all leading manufacturers.


** For stronger and more durable than regular PVC cards, please see SKU: T58030-WH0000 which is a composite card (PET/PVC card). Such cards are recommended for environmentswhere the card is highly used or if lamination is part of your card printing process.


***Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help on product selection.


Plastic Cards, White, Overlaminate, CR8030 (3.375" x 2.125"), Qty. 500

SKU: OV8030-WH0000
Option 2
    • Color: White PVC
    • Size: 3.375" x 2.125"
    • Thickness: 30 mil (0.76 mm)
    • Graphic-quality PVC card
    • Quantity: 1 pack of 500 cards